Monday, August 07, 2006

Glair of darkness

Come closer,
You cant see anything in this dark
Feel me breathing down your neck
Feel this steamed heart of mine
Feel this hurtful grin with your own bare hands

Now can you see?
Do you see the sparks in my eyes?
Do you feel the fear?

Yes, I’ve waited one lifetime too long
I’ll do you right this time, fix every wrong
See my eyes glow with red hot fumed colors of revulsion

Feel these teeth of mine flush against your skin
Feel my teeth sinking into your gushing wetness
Feel me infecting the inside walls of your body with venom.
Coating what’s left of your heart with burning sickness,
Bleed in my hands, painfully seeking freedom

Let your cancer eat you to the bone,
Let your muscles waste away,
Melt into the goblet of your soul.
Today, tomorrow and every godforsaken day,

See the long line of bodies waiting to get through?
I pat your back; laugh and then I look at you.
You used to move like a dazzling angel so divine, elegant and fine.
The one every woman envied, the one every man fancied.
Now you’re pathetic, afraid to let go.
You’re theirs and you know it, they’ve plans for you in tow.

They’re building it bigger, making it better.
See the excitement in my eyes?
Your lips are chapped and won’t ever get wetter.
Honey, this is what you asked for,
This is your compromise.

Pass on through those doors.
Don’t stop and stare
Walk on as though you have before.
Breathe in whatever your skin tastes in the air.
There’s always a way in
But “out”, there is no more.

Who am I really?
Am I the guardian angel you sprint from so badly?
Or the very demon you’ve given to, madly?
Am I your ticket to the front of the line?
Tonight I’ll be your nightmare
No wait, I’ll go beyond your worst

Whoever I am, you’re lucky.
You really are
That you have me; as I am your star.
The one leading you through this ugly mess,
You’re pallid, dismal and worth a lot less.
But I can’t leave you hanging, not now anyway.
I want to be there, come on your dooms day.

Feel my taciturn teeth cut you deep
How does it feel to be a victim of love?
Does it hurt? Does it feel alright?
Either way now it’s too late for you.
Your virtues have all gone unknown.
Your name is there, carved in stone.

I grin as your guilt kicks in at the very last minute,
But the last minute is always too late.
There’s nothing you can do now,
No… Oh, hang on a minute,
Just how was your last date?

“Hahahaha” I laugh so loud.
You look at me, appalled, disgusted and yet proud.
You think, how can I ask that at a time like this?
Your question would be valid, were that not your last kiss.

We’ve buried your angels and we keep the traffic flowing.
We’ve accepted your sins and love to see them growing.
Don’t be ungrateful, for this concerns your soul.
The one you tossed aside so carelessly
The one you didn’t care to know.

I won’t save you now.
For this is your right.
I don’t want to hear you.
This isn’t my fight.
I don’t want to live in this sick little world of yours.
I’ll sing when you’re dead and dance out the doors

As cruel as it may seem, you’ve done worse I see.
Don’t fuck with a man, a man like…well, me.
Let this be the lesson to all your sorry little friends.
Let them not mess with men, we always fight till the end

My horns are out
And they’re here to stay.
I was your shining prince but once, on that far away day.
You’ve crossed the line one too many times
Now you’re in my black book,
You and your sweet talking eyes.

And as I watch you burn and waste away,
my eyes will start to glow,
They will be your glair of darkness..

So tell me now,
How does it feel to be betrayed?


Inspired by Sar’s dead blog, words taken and used with her consensus

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This serpent’s tail has come undone…

So here I see you today,
With nothing more then spit to say.
You were my angel, so divine
My classic glass of wine
Now you’re a fucked, broken bottle of rum,
Shredded piece of filth you’ve become.

I gave into you because I believed,
You tore me apart and left me to bleed.
You’ve tasted my flames of desire,
And now you dance on my blazes of fire.
Look into my eyes and tell me now,
Will you remain an angel in your little brothers’ eyes?
Will you still be his ever white dove?
Scared with shameless love, you are today
Tell me, look into my eyes and tell me

I’m no longer that little boy with the world to give
I now have a new need to live
I now, am filled with yellow dark colors of revenge
I will run after you till this life comes to an end.
I promise....
Fuck this crap n' fuck that love
I rebel now around you.
See this smile I hold on to
Smell this revenge start to grow
Feel this tainted love....

I’ll listen to you shout in pain,
I’ll grin to every shout you scream.
I’ll love you forever now,
The way you’ve always wanted me to

This is your time to run,
This serpent’s tail has come undone…


Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Demonic Child

Tonight I unleash my demons; I let them run free in these streets of my hollow city. Run free my babies, run free my young fruits of tainted love. Wake up the dead from their unraveled tombs, bring life back to all what is evil for tonight we will populate this soil with new love and passion. Dark chocolate, bitter sweet, and dead march of the feet. Nothing will stand in your path tonight, nothing will stop this fight, for at dawn you are born again. Born with lust instead of love, learn to kill instead of forgive, teach those how shutting doors at your faces will taste like. Run my youngens run freely in her veins, show her what her love did to me, let her feel this misery. Revenge me my children, revenge me from your mother. She never loved you from the start, she never was compassionate from the heart. She lied to me, she fooled me into her, she was my greatest deceive. Tonight you ravel in her mind, tonight you break up her spine. But slowly, let her feel aroused as you do. Run my babies run as fast as you can, let me smell her burn in her own desire, let her taste this flaming fire. And as she gives in, raise up the torch even higher. I will love you truthfully, I will hold you gently. I am yours to love. Live inside of her, fill her with horror and pain. I beg of you child, let me see her burn in this hell of desire. Come with me hold my hand, I will show you where this vicious mother lives her land. Race me up the hill, for tonight we shall kill, we will slaughter her last filthy breath, we will burn her little pieces of flesh, I will teach you how to slay, though she’ll be my first, I’ll make sure she’s the last of her kind. Race me down the hill demon child, tonight we feast with pride. So make me proud, make me smile, show her what your teeth are for. Spit venom in her running thoughts, crap love into her life, show her what's she done to me, revenge me demon child. For tonight, this serpent’s tail has come undone….